CSGO Roulette from CSGObazar

CSGObazar is CSGO roulette for homeless people with a no minimum bet . To take part in the game, you need to log in through your Steam account. After you have passed authorization in our system, you can make absolutely any deposit.

The distinctive advantages of our csgo roulette from 1 ruble are that we do not limit our players to minimum bets. Each player can make both large and small bets, it all depends on your financial ability.

By playing csgo roulettes for homeless people, you can quickly win a large amount of the bank. We have a fairly transparent system of winning rates. All things won come immediately after summing up the game. Winning is sent by our Steam bot. The maximum expectation of your winnings is 30 minutes after summing up.

CSGObazar - allows you to take an unlimited number of things in each new round. No more than 10 items from one unique player. The time allotted for one is only 120 seconds. During this time, each player can manage to make skins to participate in the draw.

We also want to say that if you are worried that our CSGO roulette from 1 ruble for homeless people will not be able to accept your trade, and your bet will not work in this game, then this is a vain experience. Our bot processes your cs go bets and all requests from players for replenishment. The game will start when all bets of cs go from 1 ruble are accepted.

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SkinGamble Toplist:

# User Won
1 Big Black Clock csgobazar.com 13841.93
2 FouFFlaren 12502.61
3 MaxStevey csgobazar.net 10090.54
4 csgobazar.net 8898.68
5 LATSCHOO 8187.62
6 Flexii | NINJACKPOT.COM 7967.07
7 PhooenixX CSGOBAZAR.NET 7944.85
8 Edd 7605.64
9 Ecul 6170.82
10 twitch.tv/poker5tar 6031.84
11 steviewonder 5980.00
12 Magno 5686.26
13 ⪦ ᗯažžuÞ ⪧ 5602.53
14 Winter Soldier™ 5510.45
15 Aether 5486.34
16 EmpZie_ 5142.33
17 ArmanBiceps 4989.03
18 zzzz 4955.48
19 Neil ┌∩┐(◣_◢)┌∩┐CSGOBAZAR.NET 4639.03
20 sHUELZ 4601.61

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